Situated along the banks of the Matlabas river in the beautiful Limpopo Valley bushveld,
CROWN GAME BREEDERS, is proud to bring you some of the best genetics available in South Africa. This, combined with scientifically formulated feeding, precise record-keeping and extensive experience in game breeding will add significant value to your investment. 

Over the past few years, we have searched for some of the best breeding stock in South Africa, and are proud to offer Sable, Buffalo, Golden Wildebeest, King Wildebeest, Golden Gemsbok, Roan, Black Impala, White flanked Impala, Bushveld Impala, and Nyala.

We were extremely privileged to have had two of the industry's most renowned Sable bulls as foundational sires to our current breeding programs. These are Rapella (52 4/8" pure Matetsi) and Woempa (49" West Zambian), both of whom have produced multiple 50" bulls in their progeny lines.
Today we set the pace in genetic performance with our breeding bulls:
  • Damascus 58 6/8", son of Rapella.
  • Rapella Jr. 58 6/8", pure Matetsi, Grandson of Rapella.
  • Moremi 50 4/8", pure Matetsi, new genetics from Namibia, grandson of 50 4/8" Jo Black.
  • Nitro 56 3/8", 95% pure Matetsi, Grandson of Rapella.
To add diversity to our herds we used 48" Houdini (88% Matetsi) - son of 49" Magic, we moved him out, and we are diversifying by adding new genetics such as 56 2/8" Nitro and 50 5/8" Moremi for optimal results.
Although our West Zambian Bull Woempa (49") - Sire of Lomba (50 2/8") died, we are still in a fortunate position to have quite a few of these sought after genetics in our Zambian herd.

With our Buffalo breeding bull that speaks for himself... 
Max (49 2/8" + at 7y and 8m), the biggest son of the well known Buffalo Bull Matetsi. 
We were also honoured to have had 55 6/8" Horison as one of our breeding bulls, and thus have some of the best buffalo genetics this country has to offer. 

We have also been breeding superior Bushveld impala for more than a decade, and have a had few 27”+ rams out of our progeny. Our original breeding male was Lampies 27 4/8". We now breed with a Lampies son and our base females comes from only the best genetic lines available. 



Game Rancher

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Pieter Lamprecht of Crown Breeders was named Wildlife Rancher of the Year 2014 at Wildlife Ranching South Africa’s prestigious annual award ceremony, held at Sun City on Saturday 14 March 2015.



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GPS Coordinates: -24.02092,27.272778

Pieter Lamprecht : 082 372 0598 /                              

Ben Botha : 082 447 6960 /

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Adshop is Crown Game Breeders' marketing partner, for all our video, photo, design and printing needs. Ricky, Gustaf and staff always go above and beyond.

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We use  GameLab computer software to keep record of all our animals. 

We love their horn measurement software. It makes it easy and safe to do regular, accurate and consistent measurements for planning and record keeping purposes.  

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Unistel is our go to laboratory for profile, parentage, mitochondrial and nuclear dna tests. They keep track of all tests done, and are partnering with GameLab to verify information automatically on the program when processed. This process makes it much easier to manage results. 

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Wildswinkel is Crown Game Breeders preferred Auction House. We have been working with Wildswinkel for several years, and we associate with Wildswinkel for their high  standard of quality and service.