52 4/8+" | 97% pure Matetsi

We are privileged to have had the legendary Rapella as our flagship breeding bull. He has given us his best years and we are sad to say that he passed away on 7 February 2019.

At the time Rapella was the biggest pure Matetsi bull in South Africa and his descendants form the basis of our Matetsi herd. When he came to us, he only had one horn. Just a short time after that he also broke the other horn. The stump measured 10 2/8" and the broken-off piece of the horn was 40 7/8" thus 51 1/8" in total. In 2016 we measured the stump a second time, this time measuring 11 5/8 ", which gives a total length of 52 4/8". At the end of 2018 we measured Rapella's stump for the last time, he was still growing and measuring 12 3/8", which gives a total length of 53 4/8".

Some Rapella Progeny:

Rapella Jr. 56 2/8" @ 7y and 2m

Damascus 58 1/8" @ 6y and 4m 

Tungsten 52" @ 4y and 4m

Champ 47 5/8" @ 4y 

Nitro 54 4/8" @ 5y 6m

Alloy 51 1/8" @ 4y and 8m

Esperanza 35 6/8" @ 6y and 8m

Optima Prime 39 1/8" @ 6y and 6m

Optima Giant 40 2/8" @ 6y and 1m

Introducing Rapella Progeny


54 4/8"@ 5y 5m
47 5/8"@ 4y 
51 2/8"@ 4y & 11m
52"@ 4y & 4m 


Lineage Attributes:

Continuous horn growth despite the age of the animal.

Male and female animals with exceptionally long horn tips.
Female animals with soft, fine ridges.
Animals with a very good Tip-to-Tip measurement.

The Tip-to-Tip measurement starts to increase drastically from two to two-and-a-half years of age.
High fertility.

The prepotency of the animals, both male and female, are very strongly transmitted.


Typical growth of the

Rapella line




We believe the 'Rapella' legacy will live on and we are excited to build on the remarkable foundation he has left us.